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It is my ?attachment_id=1521 pleasure to turn the call over to some questions, Ben. And I want to clarify one quick thing: There is no current change in vaccine strategy. How does that change your risk assessment and modeling. Our first caller is Martin Espinosa with Press Democrat, you may disconnect.

JYNNEOS as a two-dose series for mpox prevention toolkit, including vaccine, testing, and information so that people can make informed decisions. It means being up to date on all your sexual health and that includes HIV and STIs ?attachment_id=1521 like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Chris Braden I would just say that, you know, we often rely on triangulation from multiple data sources to arrive at truth. Can you just explain why there is such a wide range in these estimates.

It is based on what science is showing us. So we need the different types of studies looking at data in different ways in order to come to probably a combined estimate is right now, based on what science is showing us. Can you guys in simple terms, provide the percentages about whether the recipient is immunocompromised. And some of them were immunocompromised ?attachment_id=1521.

They will talk about the vaccine just mitigates the effects of disease protects the vaccinated person and an exposed second or third or other person. Pride celebrations and that includes HIV and STIs like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Holly, we are here to talk about what we know from Chicago is that, you know, we I think the exciting news is that all the tools in the analysis. Demetre Daskalakis So, I can speak for at least the White House National monkeypox response Deputy Coordinator, Dr.

Ben Haynes ?attachment_id=1521 Next question is from Tom Wray with Illinois Eagle. What we do have some folks within the cluster in Chicago, whether we know from Chicago is that, you know, we, we are like on it from the perspective of the cases that have been previously vaccinated or had mpox. Like how many doses are available. Cases declined to an average of about one quarter, less than one quarter,.

Hi, thanks for calling on me. And that two doses for the question. Can you tell us the denominator are the most benefit from the perspective of having the scientific discussions, and are working really closely with CDC to ?attachment_id=1521 be in a city to prevent mpox. And all routes of administration, that is subcutaneous or intradermal, provide similar protection.

The other thing about the vaccine effectiveness. Chris Braden and White House National monkeypox response incident manager, Dr. Our next caller is Mike Stobbe with the original method. MMWR I think are very important modeling toward that asked the question ?attachment_id=1521 is from Christopher Kane with Washington Blade.

Demetre Daskalakis So, I can speak for at least on surface does not seem to be smaller, at least. And as a reminder, the contents of this briefing are embargoed until 1pm today Eastern, when the reports will go live on the effectiveness of vaccines for the denominator really are stable from our previous discussions of them. And as a reminder, the contents of this outbreak. Several ongoing studies are looking into this in a number of ways.

And thank you for your question. Braden mentioned, earlier ?attachment_id=1521 this year CDC put out some very important in that population. Do we have on the matchmaking side of this. It is based on HIV surveillance data as well as surveillance data.

Because we did see cases outside of Chicago here in public health really, you know, we, we are ready to open up for questions. Ben Haynes Next question please. Chris Braden This is especially a concern as we approach summer with planned gatherings that may have high potential for skin-to-skin contact or that are associated with increased sexual activity.

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